We are pleased to supply you with a surgeon locator tool that you can use to find a surgeon in your area who has been trained on Smith & Nephew arthroplasty products.  The fact that they have received training is the sole reason for their inclusion in this list.

No surgeon has been paid a fee to be included in this locator and inclusion in the list does not mean that Smith & Nephew endorses or recommends the surgeon. This is not a complete list of all surgeons or all Smith & Nephew customers. Smith & Nephew has not verified the expertise, experience, credentials or quality of care of these surgeons and assumes no responsibility in this regard. The choice of surgeon and treatment option remain that of you, the patient. This tool merely offers you the opportunity to locate a Smith & Nephew arthroplasty trained surgeon in your area. By using this tool you agree that the information you submit for the search will be governed by the website’s privacy policy.


The information listed on this site is common guidance and is not meant as medical advice. Every person's case is unique and each person should follow his or her doctor's specific instructions. Please discuss treatment options with your surgeon to make sure you are getting the proper care for your particular situation.