Smith & Nephew

Who is Smith & Nephew?

Smith & Nephew is a world leader in joint replacement systems for knees, hips and shoulders.  Whether through extending the life and functionality of implants, improving operating room efficiency, or promoting faster healing and other critical outcomes, our innovations differentiate us and provide solutions to active patients seeking to regain their quality of life while enhancing economic value for all of our customers.  Smith & Nephew implants include hip, knee and shoulder joints.

Every day, each one of us at Smith & Nephew helps someone, somewhere in the world. We aim to improve lives through our innovative products, which are supported by world-class medical education.

We are a world leader in orthopaedics, offering the widest range of orthopaedic reconstruction joint-bearing surfaces with joint replacement systems for knees and hips.

What are my options?

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I need answers about hip pain